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Bathroom Renovation Checklist: Ultimate Design, Style & Functionality


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Remodelling a bathroom is exciting, but it’s no easy feat! There are so many elements to be considered including organising a budget, timeframe, plans, permits, waterproofing, the list goes on. If you’re not intimidated by the workload, you might be ready to embark on a bathroom renovation project that can beautify your home and also greatly improve your property value. For design inspiration, our blog 4 Beautiful Bathroom Design Inspiration Ideas for 2020, could help you get on track. We’ve also listed some tips and tricks for resale that might help you gather some ideas to incorporate into your planning phase, 5 Effective Bathroom Improvement Ideas for Resale. Now that you’ve got a plan for design and functionality, we’ve put together a complete bathroom renovation checklist to help you remodel your bathroom with a beautiful range of products, backed by an affordable luxury guarantee.

This checklist covers the many items you need to consider when renovating your bathroom. Hopefully, it’ll save you some time, hassle and money! Keep it nearby, refer to this list, and check each item off when you shop instore or online at Flooring Bathroom Interiors.

The launch of our new eCommerce website has made it easier than ever to shop your bathroom remodel necessities. And if you’ve already decided on a colour or design palette, you’ll be pleased to know you can shop our products by colour. See below:


Plumbing Fixtures and Features


The products needed for all the plumbing fixtures and features in a bathroom could very well make its own separate checklist. This list outlines each product you may need so you can plan for it appropriately within your budget. Shop bathroom plumbing and fixtures below:


Cabinets, Storage and Shelving

bathroom renovation checklist cabinets

Bathroom cabinetry needs to be planned around the size of your bathroom, and also the number of people using the bathroom. They must be functional, have enough room for your products, be within reach and most importantly, they need to be stylish. Shop our range of cabinetry below:


Walls and Flooring

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Before ticking tiling off your bathroom renovation checklist, you need to ensure three things. That your tiles are durable, slip-resistant and waterproof. Luckily, Flooring Bathroom Interiors stocks tiles that suit these criteria, and also look great! You’ll find a range of ceramic tiles, vinyl tiles and mosaic tiles for the perfect flooring, walls, and feature for your complete bathroom model. Shop the range in-store today!

  • Tiles
  •  Floor
  •  Walls
  • Feature



bathroom renovation checklist lights

Bathroom lighting can make a huge difference in the outcome of your bathroom remodel. Before considering artificial light, it’s important to plan to optimise natural lighting as much as possible. Windows and sunlight can create an extremely practical atmosphere. For artificial lights, you can shop your essential downlights and pendant lights in-store at Flooring Bathroom Interiors.

  • Downlights
  • Pendant light

And to accessorise, plants can do wonders for creating a homely feel in your bathroom. To maximise space, you can shop our range of hanging plants in-store.


Complete your Bathroom Renovation Checklist at Flooring Bathroom Interiors

From planning the layout and utilities to maximising storage, a full bathroom renovation can be a tricky task! The team at Flooring Bathroom Interiors can help you create a functional and stylish space that matches up with your budget. Visit Flooring Bathroom Interiors in-store or contact us via our website. Our trained staff would love to assist you with your bathroom remodel journey.

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