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5 Effective Bathroom Improvement Ideas for Resale

An effective bathroom upgrade can make a world of difference to your home. If you’re planning to stay in your home for fewer than five years, it’s recommended you design with resale in mind. To save money, ignore the temptation to start from scratch and try to maximise the existing space by working around current pipework. Your budget will determine exactly how much you can change in your bathroom, whether it’s minor cosmetic fixes such as new tapware or paint, or larger elements such as tiling or shower screens, regardless, the opportunity for return on investment is high. Flooring Bathroom Interiors bathroom improvement ideas will get you on track for a bathroom upgrade to help with resale.

1. Think Timeless, Not Trendy

Instead of upgrading your bathroom with individual quirks and personal preferences, it’s important to evaluate your bathroom’s appearance from multiple perspectives. If it’s likely that most people wouldn’t enjoy the bright colours and overall flamboyance of your bathroom, the overall resale value of your home can suffer.

Instead, ignore trends and opt for fixtures and colours that will stand the test of time. This typically means painting your bathroom with neutral colours and optimising clean lines and basic features. This gives the new owner room to accessorise inline with their preferences.

Before selecting tiles, flooring or bathroom vanity, try to imagine how it will appear in ten years time. If you can imagine that updating it with new fixtures and a fresh coat of paint will be easy and affordable, it’s probably the right choice.

2. Less Is More

Try not to overdo it, instead aim for a simple, uncluttered design and pristine layout. Less is more, and will actually help your bathroom appear more spacious and charming. Choose and combine clean neutral colours such as white, tan, beiges and wood colours to create detail, with less emphasis on using home decor as a feature.

Minimalistic design can easily be obtained with a simple white bathtub and silver faucet. To make your bathroom feel larger, opt for a clear or frameless shower screen, as well as feature a large mirror.

3. Optimise Storage and Space

Storage is essential when considering the saleability of your home. Make the most of each and every space, for example using a mirror-fronted wall cabinet above the basin. This allows for more toiletry space and maintains a clean design. Otherwise, add recessed niches in the shower or next to the bath.
Maybe the most important aspect when considering bathroom improvement ideas is to choose a vanity as big as the room can handle, and ensure it’s got plenty of storage. This caters for everyone, and most home buyers would rather have too much storage space, than too little.

To make the most of a small bathroom space, consider a sliding door that can be concealed in an in-wall cavity to create a clean, well-designed bathroom that’s not impacted by a traditional hinged door.

4. Consider Cleaning Capabilities

When getting creative using different shapes and elements in your bathroom, you must always consider the ease of cleaning. If your bathtub is leaving hard to reach spaces behind it, consider a different design that allows for efficiency when scrubbing or deep cleaning your bathroom.

Also, keep in mind air ventilation is essential as it prevents mould from building up inside the bathroom. Ensure that your new bathroom has adequate ventilation by installing an exhaust fan and optimising windows where possible. The exhaust fan needs to ventilate the moisture to your home’s exterior.

5. Add A Little Luxury

While being careful not to overspend on your budget, small luxury pieces can create a significant emotional connection with a prospective buyer. Watch out for sales, and if a previously unaffordable vanity, tiling or jetted tub becomes affordable, be quick to snatch it up!

Heated floor mats or hand showers can also appeal as a real luxury attraction to home buyers and are actually quite cost-effective to install.


Bathroom redesign shouldn’t be a daunting task. By sticking to a plan and always consulting professionals, implementing all your bathroom improvement ideas can be extremely simple and powerful when selling a property.

To receive professional advice about timeless and effective designs, visit Flooring Bathroom Interiors in-store or contact us online! Our trained staff would love to assist you with your bathroom remodel journey.

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