What’s the perfect finishing touch to a brand new, thoughtfully designed bathroom or kitchen? Body and home care products that make you feel…alive. Al.ive’s range of body washes, hand washes, and kitchen cleaning products are formulated in Australia with natural botanicals, are cruelty-free and vegan, and perhaps most importantly, are design-focused – meaning that you don’t need to clutter your kitchen vanity with unsightly bottles.

Scents That Make You Feel AliveAlive body washes and cleaning products present beautiful scents that you’ll delight in with each use. Think pomegranate and lemon, applewood and goji berry, coconut and wild orange, lime and green tea, and mango and lychee – delightful scents that will invigorate and inspire.

Body Wash Duos, Kitchen Cleaners And More

For a wonderful shower time and time again, we recommend Al.ive’s duos, which include an iconic duo of hand and body wash and hand and body lotion perfectly nestled in a custom tray. The natural formulas nourish skin, whilst the beautiful bottles enhance your space with their understated elegance.

Not only will your body enjoy Al.ive’s refreshing body and hand washes, but your kitchen will too. With natural surfactants and fruit extracts, the formula dissolves dirt and grime for easy removal, whilst the quick-drying formula leaves no residue on your benchtop. Their dish washing liquid also uses naturally-derived ingredients to dissolve even the toughest residues, whilst being gentle on skin. A couple of pumps is all that is needed to clean a sink full of dishes, with the premium formula working hard to shift stubborn grease and grime.