Bottle Traps & Pop-up Waste

Pop-Up Waste

Say farewell to dowdy old drain plugs and install a sophisticated, versatile pop-up waste in your basin instead. Pop-up wastes not only simplify the process of filling your basin by effortlessly opening and closing the plug hole with a twist, but also contributes to the longevity of your bathroom pipes by keeping them free of debris.

FBI’s premium pop-up wastes not only excel in durability, but they also serve as eye-catching additions to your bathroom sink, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal. Within our collection of basin wastes, you’ll discover a brilliant array of finishes such as brushed copper and brass that are perfectly suited to complement any bathroom theme. These versatile designs can be seamlessly integrated with or without a sink overflow, promising a hassle-free installation process and user-friendly operation.

Buy Bottle Traps Online

A bottle trap is a plumbing fixture typically found beneath sinks, basins, and some bathtubs to prevent sewer gases from entering the room while allowing water to drain away. This curved section retains a small amount of water (a water seal) that acts as a barrier, blocking odorous gases from the sewer or drainage system from rising up into the room.

But just because they’re practical, it doesn’t mean that bottle traps need to be unsightly. Our range of bottle traps online are available in a range of beautiful finishes to complement your bathroom’s overall aesthetic.