Signature Flooring

Signature Flooring

Craving a luxurious update underfoot? Look no further than Signature Flooring’s range of high quality carpeting. With a wide range of colours available, our collection of Signature Flooring carpets is crafted from Nysoft™ fibre with a twist construction, 1360gsm weight, and 15 year residential warranty.

Signature Of Quality

Signature Flooring prides itself on offering innovative and elegant solutions for Australian homes. Using premium materials as well as expert craftsmanship, Signature Solutions also focuses on timelessness and adaptable colours to bring comfort to your home.

In addition to this, Signature Flooring has always followed a sustainable mantra. With a deep love for the environment, this brand is continually making changes to attain new sustainability goals for our products. This means you can shop your new carpet while feeling good about it.

How To Choose The Right Carpet For Your Home

If you’re looking for new carpet for your home, there are a number of aspects you should consider to find the right type for you.

  • Pile type: Loop piles offer durability, while cut piles provide luxurious softness. Consider your needs and traffic areas – you could opt for a more plush carpet for bedrooms, but something more durable for hallways and other high traffic places of the home
  • Fibre type: While fibres like wool reign supreme in luxury and stain resistance, other fibres such as nylon offer greater affordability and resilience
  • Density: Denser carpets feel plusher and quieter, but higher density often means a higher cost, so be sure to balance the two
  • Style and colour: Of course, consider your décor and lifestyle. Bold colours can make a statement, while neutrals offer versatility.

New Carpet Online, With FBI

We have your new carpet needs covered. Get cosy with Signature Floors – shop the range online today.