Nood Co.

Nood Co.

Forget sterile squares and predictable porcelain – Nood sinks are true pieces of bathroom artistry, sculpted from raw concrete to tell a story. Founded by passionate designers and driven by a love for the unconventional, each hand-cast sink has an almost obsessive dedication to detail. The result is functional art, crafted from sustainable materials and imbued with the raw beauty of nature.

Embrace The Freedom Of Colour

Nood Co.’s palette isn’t confined to sterile white: dive into rich charcoals, earthy clays, and vibrant blushes, each shade casting a different mood. In fact, you can choose from 14 different shades, allowing you to find a colour that sings of your personality and sense of style.

But it’s not all about colour when it comes to Nood sinks: Nood’s eco-conscious ethos shines through in every way. Throughout their collection, recycled materials find new life, natural pigments mingle with raw concrete, and water-efficient designs contribute to a future where beauty and responsibility blend seamlessly.

Shop Our Range Of Nood Sinks Online

From surface mounted sinks to wall-hung units, you can browse our expensive range of Nood Co. sinks online at FBI. Let these visually impressive pieces inspire you!