Oliveri: An Australian-Italian Legacy

Born in the heart of South Australia and nurtured by Italian heritage, Oliveri’s story goes all the way back to 1947, when a hammer first met molten brass. Ever since then, generations of hands have shaped every curve and every shiny finish that makes Oliveri taps so beautiful.

Australian-made Artistry

Proudly Australian made, Oliveri products embrace minimalist perfection and graceful ergonomics. Imagine the satisfying clink of the tap, the smooth glide of the handle, the reassuring weight that speaks of quality honed over decades. With a focus on contemporary design, Oliveri is always moving with the times and trends, and their range of tapware includes pull out mixers to make your kitchen clean-up time easier. Meanwhile, water-saving technologies work on the side of conservation, while locally sourced materials and meticulous manufacturing minimise Oliveri’s environmental footprint.

Shop Oliveri Taps Online

At FBI, we love a touch of luxury, which is why we’re proud to stock Oliveri tapware online. Shop our range of sinks and taps from the comfort of your own home, or visit us in-person to experience Oliveri’s beauty.