Kitchen sink

Kitchen Sinks

Your kitchen sink sees a lot of action throughout the day – but that doesn’t mean that it should be an eyesore. Our range of attractive kitchen sinks are also hugely beneficial to your day, adding practicality with both double and large designs.

Whether you’re after something simple or something grand like a huge sink for your butler’s pantry, there’s something for every renovator and builder amongst our range of kitchen and laundry sinks. Available online to be delivered across Australia, our kitchen sinks can also be viewed in person at our New Farm, Brisbane showroom.

Double Sinks

A double bowl sink is perfect for enthusiastic cooks and families, giving you two sides for different purposes. For example, you can wash your dirty dishes on one side, and rinse and dry on the other; one side for food prep, one side for soaking. A double sink is a must-have for a busy kitchen.

Single Bowl Sinks

Better for smaller kitchens, our range of single bowl kitchen sinks online still offer beauty and functionality. Designs such as the Lavello Single Bowl Kitchen Sink by Meir also include a drainage board, allowing you space to dry dishes and cutlery and a deep sink to get your chores done.

Shop with FBI for kitchen sinks online or in-store, and find something beautiful to add to the space you call home.