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Statement Pieces For Extraordinary Bathrooms

At Flooring Bathrooms Interiors, we know that the bathroom is far more than a functional room of the house – in fact, we are advocates of creating bathrooms that act as sanctuaries at the end of a long day. But just how do you find the perfect statement pieces that really bring the space together without over-cluttering?

Statement pieces are bold additions that can transform your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary, reflecting your unique style and setting the tone for an unforgettable experience. Here’s how to find the right one for your bathroom.

Why Embrace Statement Pieces?

Looking to shed the “basic” bathroom look? Incorporating statement pieces can go a long way to creating a unique part of your home.

When looking for standout pieces, such as a statement bathroom vanity, ditch the one-size-fits-all approach and showcase your individuality. Whether you crave sleek minimalism, rustic charm, or vintage glamour, there’s a statement piece waiting to tell your design story. Names such as Timberline really show off modern Australian craftsmanship whilst also providing a focal point for the bathroom, drawing attention and setting the stage for the entire bathroom’s ambiance.

Beyond aesthetics, statement pieces can be surprisingly practical. For example, look for vanities with ample storage, freestanding tubs with ergonomic comfort, or showers with spa-like features. After all, beauty and functionality can happily coexist.


Choosing Your Signature Piece

“Signature” means different things to different people, but in general, there’s a rule of thumb to follow when trying to pick out that piece for your bathroom.

Know Your Design Preferences

Are you drawn to modern lines, timeless elegance, or whimsical vibes? Maybe you prefer a dark, moody atmosphere over something bright? To figure out just what your design preferences are, be sure to explore online galleries, magazines, and showrooms to solidify your style.

Have Spacial Awareness

When looking for the perfect piece for your bathroom, make sure you measure carefully. Your chosen piece shouldn’t dwarf your bathroom or hinder functionality, but should still draw attention. Consider things like traffic flow, existing fixtures, and overall layout for seamless integration of a statement bathroom vanity, freestanding tub, or similar.

Material Can Be Magic

From natural stone and sleek ceramics to shimmering metals and rustic wood, the material choices are vast. When looking to find the right item for your bathroom, think about durability, maintenance, and how the material complements your chosen style. Brands such as Nood Co. allow you to embrace colour as well as durability, thanks to their genius use of concrete.

Function In Fashion

Yes, it’s a statement piece, but don’t forget practicality. Choose a vanity with sufficient storage, a bathtub that accommodates your needs, or a shower with features that enhance your daily life.

Don’t Forget: A Little Guidance Can Go A Long Way

Consulting a designer can really help you to see the potential in your bathroom. Their expertise can be invaluable, helping you navigate options, understand technical details, and make informed decisions based on your space, budget, and style preferences. At FBI, we offer design consultations to help with this, assisting in finding the ideal statement piece for your bathroom.


What Styles Could I Explore?

At Flooring Bathrooms Interiors, we carry a range of brands that can help you discover your personal style. Here are just a few you can explore.

Modern Minimalist

If you’re chasing this style, you could consider a sleek, floating vanity with integrated LED 

lighting and minimalist hardware. Freestanding bathtubs with clean lines are also a great idea, particularly if they’re made from polished stone. Walk-in showers with frameless glass and a rainfall showerhead can also create a modern, spa-like experience.


Something Rustic

If you love a more rustic or natural look, opt for a wooden vanity (reclaimed wood can give you an even more rustic look) or tapware that exudes cosy farmhouse vibes. You can also mix up materials by including things such as pebble tile flooring in the shower or accent walls with plants, stone and more.

Go All In On Glamour

For a glamorous touch, look for a statement bathroom vanity adorned with shimmering metallic accents, a marble countertop, and a glamorous vessel sink, creating a spa-like retreat. Floor-mounted bath fillers really drive home a luxury vibe, too.

Remember, your statement pieces are an extension of you and your unique design vision. Embrace the bold choices, explore the possibilities, and let your bathroom become a space that truly embodies your extraordinary style. Talk to FBI today, and find out how we can meet your design expectations.

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