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Modern Organic Bathroom Creations – From Stone To Wood And Beyond

Are you the sort of person to find today’s modern interiors to be a bit…bland? Are you unimpressed by endless beige walls? Modern design doesn’t need to be boring – not with the inclusion of nature as a juxtaposition.

Nature certainly has its place within the sleek lines of the contemporary. In the sanctuary of the bathroom for example, organic inclusions can unfold beautifully, transforming the space into one that’s truly serene. And thanks to the diverse collection of brands available at FBI, crafting your own modern organic bathroom has never been easier.

Embracing What The Earth Offers To Inspire

Stone is one of the cornerstones of the modern organic bathroom. Brands such as Fienza offer beautiful stone bathtubs, which are not only stunning but also freestanding, allowing you to make a statement in a room that is sorely overlooked. Stone vanity tops, such as those offered by Otti, add a natural touch without weighing down your bathroom’s furnishings.

Simple stone additions such as stools can also add to an modern organic bathroom, as can something as simple as stone handles for cabinetry.

Even Concrete Can Add An Organic Touch

You may not think of concrete as an organic material, but it is! Derived from rock and other materials naturally occurring in nature, concrete is a material that adds industrial strength with a surprisingly soft soul. An ideal example of this is a Nood Co. sink, each of which is cast from handcrafted concrete. Available in a palette of earthy hues – from charcoal slate to sun-kissed terracotta – these sinks become sculptural focal points of your modern organic bathroom.


Make Use Of The Warmth Of Wood

Stone isn’t the only organic material that can be worked into a modern organic bathroom. Wood, with its rich veins and warmth, brings the outdoors in. Timber vanities remain beautiful thanks to their natural imperfections – a testament to their organic origins. By marrying nature’s beauty with the sleek silhouettes of modern design, you can create a bathroom that perfectly packages aesthetics with functionality.

Play With Light And Shadow

In a modern organic bathroom, light plays a huge role. Expansive windows with an inspiring view can create a refined space, whilst strategically placed lighting can create a soft, filtered glow. But even without natural light, you can create an inviting atmosphere. Opt for fixtures that mimic organic shapes or use natural materials, which also work to add another layer of finesse to your bathroom.


Functionality With A Natural Touch

Modern organic design doesn’t have to compromise on functionality. Tapware by brands like Oliveri and Remer blend sleek lines with sustainable practices and water-saving technologies for a touch of responsible luxury. Showerheads and taps by brands like ADP also embrace innovative features like mist functions and rain showers, creating a spa-like experience on an everyday rotation.

No matter your style of bathroom, FBI has the range to help you create a blissful experience within your own home. And if you’re unsure of how to style your space, remember our friendly team is always here to help you with design expertise, ensuring that your potential new bathroom becomes a space you’ll love to dwell within.

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