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4 Beautiful Bathroom Design Inspiration Ideas for 2020

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel or build and need the inspiration to get started, we’ve put together some different bathroom design inspirations that will help spike your creativity. Flooring Bathroom Interiors offers a wide range of design elements needed to design an effective bathroom, no matter the style you have in mind. These are some of the most popular stylistic approaches we recommend you take when creating a bathroom that doubles as a retreat.


When people imagine a modern bathroom design, the colour white typically comes to mind. We believe that instead of white, dark grey, black and charcoal colours make for a more modern, sophisticated bathroom style that also feels warm and comforting. Grey is a fantastic style choice for a bathroom as it evokes a sense of calm, which is how you should feel when getting ready for work or for bed.

The dark surrounds also allow for experimentation with bolder and brighter colour choices with towels and other accessories. The use of modern wood vanities adds a much needed natural feel to the overall ambience of this bathroom design.


Keep it fresh and sleek with this simplistic bathroom design inspiration. A monochromatic black and white bathroom style is modern, contemporary, as well as invigorating. Use large floor to ceiling marble wall tiles to create a freshness to the area and create consistency in your colour scheme.

Using a round mirror in the bathroom can add dimension and a point of difference to the overall bathroom design. The rounded edges of the mirror create a smooth look and feel. By lessening the number of harsh angles and lines throughout the bathroom results in a relaxing vibrancy, which is a great way to promote the desired feeling of relaxation a bathroom should offer.


The Industrial styling of a bathroom is all about focusing on the raw, unfinished elements of your design. In our inspiration image above, you’ll notice brick as the feature wall, as well as an emphasis on showcasing concrete, metal and wood through the entire bathroom. We love the look of exposed brass taps and a rustic copper bathtub. A bronze basin can be a cost-effective way to achieve this industrial and raw appearance.

Accessorise this design with exposed wood and greenery. Artificial plants make for a great low maintenance option.


A tropical bathroom provides a spa-like experience in your home. Tropical style bathroom designs tend to feature a simplistic colour scheme and feature artificial plants and elements of lush green foliage throughout. Lighting is essential in this style of bathroom to create an outdoorsy and open feel. Look for natural textures and colours when shopping for lighting fixtures.

Timber look tiles are a fantastic tropical bathroom option that allows for easy cleaning and increases the warm of a natural, tropical bathroom design.


If our bathroom design inspiration has helped you feel creative, we encourage you to visit our Brisbane boutique to make the most of our affordable luxury guarantee. Contact us for design advice or visit us in-store to shop our stylish range of on-trend products.

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