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Looking for a new showerhead to make shower time more luxurious? FBI has all of your bathroom renovation needs in one place, including additions to make your bathroom shine, and can supply Brisbane bathroom renovators with luxe shower heads of all forms and in various metal finishes.

Whether you’re after multifunction models, overhead shower heads, or the coveted rain shower heads, FBI has the range of shower heads online that you need.

The Right Shower Head For Your Bathroom

The shower is a highly functional space, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also look great and be a comfortable spot in your home. Our range of shower heads are beautiful, functional, and will stand the test of time. We carry bespoke brands including BUK, Meir, and Modern National, all of whom deliver high quality designs.

If you’d like to browse our range in-person, you can visit us at New Farm and experience an array of shower heads Brisbane. Our shower heads suit a variety of spaces and personal styles, and are easily installed – making swapping out an old, outdated shower head a breeze.

Additionally, our shower heads take into account water and energy usage.

Multifunction Shower Heads Online

Multifunction shower systems are a great combination piece that include an overhead shower that’s just perfect for a long soak, as well as a handheld shower head that you can use for those days when you just don’t want to get your hair wet. Plus, they’re a great choice for those who may have mobility issues, and for cleaning down the shower once you’re done. These shower heads, such as this BUK multifunction shower head, give you the best of both worlds when it comes to shower time.


Rain Shower Heads Online

At FBI we specialise in rain shower heads Brisbane, and think they’re one of the best ways to achieve a luxurious shower time…like standing under a cascading waterfall. Our high-quality rain shower heads also up the luxe ante with beautiful metal finishes including copper, brass and gunmetal. And why you may think this style of shower head uses excessive water, they’re actually quite water smart!

Wall Shower Heads Online

We have a wide range of fixed wall shower heads available, and they are all just as fashionable as our rain and multifunction shower heads, such as Modern National’s Montpellier range.

Shower Heads Online

Bella Vista – Mica Shower Head 250mm – Chrome $ 162
Bella Vista – Mica Shower Head 250mm – Black $ 195.3
Bella Vista – Mica Shower Head 250mm – Brushed Nickel $ 211.5
Bella Vista – Mica Shower Head 250mm – Gunmetal $ 211.5
Bella Vista – Mica Shower Head 250mm – Brushed Gold $ 211.5
Bella Vista – Mica Shower Head 250mm – French Gold $ 211.5
Bella Vista – Mica LVB Shower Head – 250mm – Living Brass $ 478.00
Bella Vista – Clasico Shower Head – Brushed Gold $ 231.66
Bella Vista – Clasico Shower Head – Black $ 192.46

Whatever style or functionality you’re looking for, FBI has shower heads and other bathroom solutions for you.