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How To Choose Carpet For Bedrooms

One of the most challenging parts of a home renovation is choosing the carpet for bedrooms. It’s forms part of the experience every time we wake up and go to sleep. You will need to think ahead for younger children playing on the ground or teenagers who spend long periods of time in their bedroom, as well as any pets.

However, it’s not as impossible a task as first sight would tell. We have been assisting clients with interior design for many years and there’s always a perfect solution for everyone.

To help you find out all you need to know about carpet for bedrooms, we’ve put together this guide to get you familiar with the basics. You can also check out our Signature Flooring collection for inspiration.

Let’s dive into it!


  • Sound dampening: Noisy neighbours disrupting your serenity? Carpet is an excellent insulator that reduces unwanted noise. A thicker carpet will reduce the sound from downstairs and vice-versa.
  • Soft: Your day will start and end in the bedroom. Carpet flooring has a soft, cushioned feel that makes it very soothing and lets you relax.
  • Warm: One of the worst feelings is slipping from a warm bed on a cold winter morning and having your feet instantly freeze on a chilly flooring application. With carpet, you never have to worry about that — it’s warm and soft no matter what the weather.
  • Maintenance: Aside from dealing with stains, the only regular maintenance that carpet needs is regular vacuuming.


  • Replacement: Carpet in low traffic spaces, such as a bedroom, can last quite well. In time though, you will need to replace the carpet with new material.
  • Stains: Depending on the type of carpet, you will have to be conscious about preventing stains from dirt, coloured liquids and other agents. There are a variety of methods for removing each type of stain, but the most important thing is to wipe up the mess immediately and begin to treat it as soon as possible. Depending on the speed of your efforts, the stain may leave residual colour in the carpet.
  • Snags: In the case of loop pile carpets you may have to deal with snags that if left untreated can lead to the carpet starting to unravel.
  • Cats: In some cases, people will find that cats react to carpeting as if it were a giant play toy stretched out across the floor of the bedroom. This can be curbed with discipline, but your pet will likely cause some wear and tear until they are trained.


Factors to consider

When it comes to carpet, there are a lot of options to choose from — natural or synthetic, cut or loop, cool or warm colours — but what does it all mean? Today you’re about to find out.


Your choice of carpet fibres plays a major part in the comfort, style and price. Fibres are derived either naturally from wool and other plant-based alternatives or produced synthetically.

Wool is an ideal option for bedroom carpeting because it has a soft, luxurious feel but it comes with a higher price tag. If you have a larger bedroom, synthetic alternatives such as polyester and nylon could work well too, as they are more affordable, stain-resistant, and still have a desirable level of softness. Polyester is non-allergenic, making it an ideal choice for asthma or allergy sufferers but sometimes has issues with shedding or pilling.

Pile & Texture

“Pile” refers to the height or density of fibres in the carpet flooring and can greatly influence the comfort underfoot. It can be used to highlight an aesthetic with a fluffy, plush texture that feels great under your feet.

Carpet texture is affected by the style of yarn. It comes in woven, cut & loop, loop pile or cut pile styles.

Generally, carpet with a high pile feels luscious to step on and will hold up better over time, making it ideal for bedrooms. A low pile carpet is more suited for living rooms and areas with high traffic but could be used if you wish.

If you want as much comfort as possible, opt for a high pile carpet. It’s also a highly visible part of a bedroom and can do wonders for improving the overall décor. But while this is the ideal scenario, consider outside factors that may be at play – if you have children or pets, expect it to take a beating and look for something that lasts longer. Quality carpet is great, but worthless if you know that your household will tear through it in no time.


Typically, neutral colours are your best option. While they may not be exciting in their own right, they make a versatile base for a wide array of colours and can be used liberally as a base for any room. From there you can quickly create a sophisticated look by putting it together with other neutrals and a feature colour.

A guiding principle for colour choice is deciding whether you want to have a brighter or darker atmosphere within your bedroom. Many people find cool browns, greys and off-whites are calming, focusing and soothing for the mind, however, dark grey can bring a cosy feel.

Whatever you choose, consider what colours you will use to compliment it and match the appropriate décor. It’s also best to avoid colours that are overtly loud or attention-drawing like yellow or green. They will be extremely difficult to style and usually create headaches for you and any future owners.


In Summary

Ultimately, choosing the best carpet for bedrooms comes down to your specific situation. Traditionally wool carpets are the go-to option for those who want a quality carpet that feels plush and looks fabulous. It’s a standout.

However, if you have young children or messy pets, you might be better of opting for a synthetic fibre like nylon or polyester to lessen the risk of damage. Quality carpet is great, but worthless if unavoidable damage makes it look worse than a more robust and reliable material.


FBI Are Experts In Carpet For Bedrooms

Need an expert’s advice for carpet?

You’ve come to the right place! FBI has a wide selection of carpets in many neutral colours and styles, as well as hardwood and tile alternatives to compare against.

Browse our flooring collection online or contact us for a personalised consultation at our New Farm showroom and get the ball rolling on your interior design project!

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