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Styling Your Home with Low Maintenance Greenery: A Guide to Faux Plants

As the seasons change, many of us will be looking for ways to refresh our homes. 

Faux plants are a great way to do this – they look and feel real, but require absolutely no maintenance. They never need watering, they don’t require light or much care and are a great way to add some life to the room without dealing with all the hassle of real plants. 

If you’re not sure where to start, we have style ideas for your living room, bathroom, bedroom and outdoor patio to help spark your imagination and see how versatile these plants really are!


Sprucing Up The Living Room

The living room is a great place to start with faux plants, as it is the most frequently visited part of your home. We often use them in combination with other decor pieces such as a reed diffuser or decorative mirrors. Faux plants are also great for guests that have allergies and are non-toxic for pets. If you’re looking for an easy way to make a space more inviting, adding in a plant brings the soothing feeling of nature indoors.

faux-plants-bathroom-FBI blog

Clever Solution For A Lowlight Bathroom

The bathroom is traditionally a dark, damp room that can be difficult to light up. Faux plants are the perfect solution for this space as they will never need watering or sunlight! We recommend using them in corners of the bathroom where there’s no natural light coming through and experimenting with different heights to create an interesting focal point.


Better Nights Sleep In Your Bedroom

There are a million tricks to getting a better night’s sleep but adding plants is one we can attest to. Your wellbeing is essential and the presence of a plant has been proven to stimulate positive feelings. Adding a fan palm or fiddle leaf fig to your bedside table creates a relaxing feel that will help you put the day’s challenges to rest.


Lush Decks And Patios Are Here To Stay

As Australians, we love to take advantage of the beautiful sunny days and tropical climate with a BBQ on the deck or patio. Now you can enjoy your outdoor area even more with a lush addition of greenery that looks good all year round and won’t attract annoying bugs and bities.

Shop Amazing Faux Plants At FBI New Farm

You’ve got the perfect space for a new kitchen, bathroom or living room. Now you need to find the right products to make it happen. We have everything you need at FBI — from faux plants and flooring to fixtures and fittings. Our friendly customer service team is knowledgeable, helpful and personable and ready to assist you to create your dream home.

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