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Why You Should Incorporate Pendant Lighting Into Your Home

Pendant lighting is an understated solution for brightening your home. They are perfect for adding ambience and flair to any space, whether you’re cooking up a storm in your kitchen or working on an important project in your office. Pendant lights are both functional and aesthetic but with so many diverse styles on offer, finding the right one for your home might require some assistance.

We have put together this guide to help you choose the best pendant lights for your needs, with some recommendations from our experts!


What is pendant lighting?

Pendant lighting is a type of overhead light that’s suspended in the air directly over the area where it’s needed. Pendants are often used in kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms for specific tasks or ambient illumination. They can be hung from ceilings or walls with cables or chains and can create an elegant dining experience when lit over tables.

It’s characterized by having a single bulb, often with some sort of shade to add intrigue and reduce the glare of the bulb.

Our range of pendant lights uses a variety of materials. Many have a natural aesthetic using teak branches, clay beads, and beautiful twined abaca webbing made from banana leaf. These are put together over a durable iron frame and set up with necessary electrical components like wiring, cord and ceiling cap. We recommend installation be performed by a qualified electrician.


Benefits of pendant lighting

Pendants lights are super functional and there’s really no limit to how you can use them. Use it as a primary light source or secondary light source to add a unique effect to space. They can be handy as a spotlight to light up a singular place, drawing attention to whatever is placed underneath — this could be a culture, painting, picture or vase that you want to “shine a light on” and emphasise in your space.

Since they can be hung high from the ceiling, they won’t take up floor space and get in the way as you flow around the house.

Where to hang pendant lights

Wondering where the best places to hang your pendant lights are? We recommended focusing on three outcomes: general lighting, area lighting and task lighting.

General lighting means the purpose of the light is to provide the majority of light to a room. This could be a living room, dining area or patio. Focus on pendant lights that are not too restricted with their shade and generate a significant amount of light.

Area lighting is a part of secondary lighting. It’s when a pendant light is used in partnership with other lighting sources and it’s perfect for illuminating a specific area such as a reading nook, book collection or art piece.

Task lighting is when the purpose of the pendant light is centred around a workspace with the intention of focusing on a single location. It can create a soft ambience when working at night or simply provide better clarity for completing a task.

Regardless of where you place your pendant lights, they will create a comfortable, well-lit area you’ll want to enjoy for hours.

Shop Beautiful Pendant Lighting At FBI

Pendant lighting is an amazing way to add some ambience and flair to your home. Whether you’re cooking up a storm in your kitchen or working on an important project in your office, pendant lights are the perfect solution for brightening up the dark corners of your home. But with so many diverse styles on offer, finding the right one can be tricky!

Our experts are here with honest and knowledgeable advice to make sure you get that stunning end result. We have a diverse range of options in terms of shape, size, style and colour. Whether you’re looking for something simple or want to make an impactful statement, we have just the thing for you.

Have any questions? We’d love to hear them; contact us today by emailing [email protected] or calling (07) 3129 0801. Our hours are 9:30am to 4:30pm Tuesday to Thursday and 9am to 1pm Saturday. Closed Sunday and Monday.

Alternatively, visit our showroom boutique in New Farm, Brisbane for a personalised design consultation with one of our friendly staff.

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Uniqwa Constantia Pendant Light Copy $ 1269.45
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