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How To Add The Finishing Touch With Sink Wastes


When it comes to interior design, the devil is in the details. Taking the time to decide your theme, choose your style and pick out colours will all work to make your home feel cohesive. 

With this in mind, there are many small touches are often overlooked but make an important difference when redoing a bathroom. One of these is sink wastes and strainers. Sitting in the bottom of a sink or basin, they function to channel water run-off safe, regardless of the design of the sink. They also allow you to block the pipes of your sink and fill up the basin with water. Aesthetically, their metal construction means you’ll want to choose a design and finish that matches your other bathroom tapware.

This guide will help understand the details of basin types and present your options.

Flooring Bathroom Interiors boutique studio in New Farm has an extensive range of bathroom accessories, from shower hoses to handle pulls and of course sink wastes.

What Is A Sink Waste/Basin Waste?

A sink waste, also known as a basin waste, is a channel designed to let water in your basin runoff safely, no matter how the sink is designed. The sink waste also lets you block the pip so you can fill up the basin with water.

What Is a Basin Overflow?

A basin overflow is a small hole near the rim of a sink that lets water drain out if the sink begins to get too full. It’s a simple but effective measure designed to prevent flooding if the tap accidentally gets left on. It’s not a feature on every sink so it’s an important thing to consider when making a decision. More on that next.

Slotted Or Unslotted Basin Waste?

There are two types of basin wastes – slotted and unslotted. If your sink has an overflow, you’ll need to choose a slotted basin waste. If your sink doesn’t have an overflow, you will need to install an unslotted basin waste.

An unslotted basin waste is watertight, so it won’t allow any water which has gone into the overflow back into the waste pipe. Slotted wastes will allow overflow water to be drained, whether the waste is open or not.

Typically, you will find bathroom sinks have an overflow whereas kitchen sinks and other basins do not offer an overflow. Selecting the wrong basin waste can cause irreparable damage to your sink so it is very important you correctly determine which type you need. Otherwise, there’s a serious risk of flooding if anyone using your sink has a lapse of attention.


Types Of Basin Waste

There are quite a few different types of basin waste  to choose from. You have likely come across most of them and each has a unique style and functionality that makes them suitable for a variety of bathrooms. 

  • Click Clack
  • Flip Top
  • Pop-Up
  • Plug and Chain
  • Free Flow


Click Clack

One of the most popular styles, the click-clack AKA push button, clicker and sprung plug, are very simple to operate. Simply push down the stopper once to close and push again to open it up.

Flip Top

A flip-top basin waste has a disc that can be rotated or flipped to either completely seal or reveal the drain. It’s very fashionable for minimalist and modern bathrooms.


Avalon Round Basin Waste


A pop-up basin waste uses a waste lever to operate. You can either push or pull on the lever to raise or lower the stopper — works a treat. 

Plug and Chain

This is an old-school option that works pretty much how it sounds. It’s worked for centuries and is a good budget option. It’s nostalgia and ease of use is also seeing it have a revival amongst deluxe bathrooms. 

Free Flow

A free flow basin waste opens up the waste pipe permanently. It’s very user friendly and works extremely well for draining.


AVI Pop Up Waste

Materials & Finish

When it comes to choosing a finish, you have plenty to choose from. Our Avalon Round Basin Waste comes in matte black, gloss white, matte white, light grey, grey, pink and blue, and matches perfectly with any of Timberline’s above counter basins. The stunning smooth matte finish will give your basin a seamless look. 

For a metallic finish, the AVI Pop Up Waste delivers, coming in brushed brass, brushed nickel, matte black, chrome, brushed gunmetal and brushed copper. 

All our basin wastes are designed and manufactured to meet all current Australia and New Zealand Quality Standards too, so not only does it look beautiful, you can rely on it complying with these strict guidelines. Make sure to check if your basin waste is compatible with your system to ensure it’s a perfect fit!

FBI Are Experts In Bathroom Design

When it comes to finding stunning bathroom accessories such as basin wastes, there’s no place better than FBI. We have a stunning collection of products that will transform your bathroom and a very friendly team to help you along the journey. 

Browse our online store or contact us for a personalised consultation at our New Farm showroom and get the ball rolling on your interior design project!

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