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Bathroom Trends 2022: Our Top Picks


With the new year rolling around, it’s the perfect time of year to take a look at how we live our lives and look for new perspitives. Whether it’s starting a new yoga class, trying to go vegetarian or writing a journal, exploring new ways of challenging our mind and expressing creativity are great for our health.

When it comes to looking after our care and wellbeing at home, few places offer the rejuvenation of a bathroom. Your own personal sanctuary, bathrooms form a consistent part of your daily routine and having a space that makes you feel comfortable can set the mood for the entire day.

At FBI, we absolutely love bathrooms! We are starting to see some really cool new bathroom trends emerging and felt like this would be the perfect way to share them.

Without further ado, here are our top picks for bathroom trends 2022.



Double Vanity

Why not make every day feel like a getaway with a spacious double vanity. Perfect for sharing with a partner (or spreading your wings!), these sleek and functional furniture solutions are central to any luxe bathroom.

Explore our vanities here.



Terrazo Tiles

Hailing from the Italian masters, Terrazzo tiles blend marble, quartz and granite with concrete to create a mosaic of colours. It’s decorative speckled design and the soft textural pattern is understated, endlessly stylish and versatile.



Brushed Brass Tapware

Brushed brass tapware has become a mainstay in the past few years and we don’t see it going anywhere soon. Bringing a warm glow and soft aesthetic unlike any other, it’s not hard to see why it’s so widely adored.

Explore our brushed brass tapware here.



Arched Mirrors

Arched mirrors are the perfect addition to a bathroom. The gentle, fluid lines add charm and elegance to any room while highlighting the architecture of your bathroom space.

Explore our mirrors here.

Create your dream bathroom this year!

Now that you know all 2022 bathroom trends, it’s time to get busy!

Flooring Bathroom Interiors is a New Farm boutique specialising in home design. We have a diverse range of items that are perfect for creating a designer bathroom. You can shop online or visit us at our instore to speak with one of our design specialists.

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