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Dream Bathroom Inspiration for 2021

Have you been thinking about a new build or renovating your bathroom this year? With COVID-19 shifting the way we all view the world, people are spending more time at home than ever and starting to look at ways to create retreat-like experiences. To help spark some inspiration, we have created a list of our dream bathroom inspirations for 2021 to help you transform it into a place of self-care and serenity. Flooring Bathroom Interiors offers a diverse range of designer features and materials combined with a stellar team of interior design experts that can match your enthusiasm with great advice.

Have a read of our Bathroom Renovation Checklist too so you are prepared for what’s to come!

Now check out the inspiration:

Bring Nature Inside

This is a trend that has been building for a few years now. Research by Cambridge Health Alliance has shown that spending time in nature can reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

You can introduce a similar type of ecotherapy into your home by incorporating natural materials, plants and windows.

As trendy Van Life style continues to be popular and our restricted travel leaves us aching for an escape, it seems 2021 is there year where we reaffirm a connection to nature through the home. Whether you have an apartment or a house, there’s an abundance of possibility.

Begin with natural materials such as stone, clay and concrete. They bring organic texture and unique lines as if they were naturally formed by the water and can be done using Terrazzo Floor Tiles. Create a sense of freedom with vast windows expanding ceiling to wall or completely open transitions between interior and exterior. For good measure, consider a skylight overhead pouring natural light into the shower and fill the space with a plant or two to purify the air and increases oxygen levels.

Large Format Tiles

Step aside tiny mosaic tiles, large format tiles are the new wave. Recognised for their versatility, they invoke a sleek and modern feel. Contrary to popular belief, large tiles can be used in smaller bathrooms and still bring an expansive feel, whilst also blending seamlessly with the overall scale of larger bathrooms. Showing fewer grout lines creates more simplicity and also makes cleaning maintenance a breeze, especially in the shower area.


Large format tiles can be used on the floor or the wall, whilst layering can be emphasized using different colours and textures. We recommended natural stone and stone look-materials for their lux-look but they will require regular cleaning and sealing in order to keep the surface from marking or staining. Terrazzo floor tiles have a timeless look otherwise porcelain tiles are great for a busy household because the will not require the same ongoing maintenance – something to keep in mind.

Backlit Mirrors

This is a trend that makes our face light up (no pun intended). It’s a simple and smart feature that is gaining popularity, especially amongst master bedroom ensuites. It brings a modern feel and serves a functional purpose by offering ambient lighting without adding glare or reflections on the mirror plus it can double as a nightlight when dimmed. It almost looks like an illusion by making the mirror appear to be floating and highlights the texture of wallsurfaces behind it. Be aware, it will require a little more work to install as you’ll need an electrician to help with the power supply but we think that the results are totally worth it. Pictured above is the Eclipse Mirror with Touch Sensor.

Floating vanities

Our final trend prediction for this year is floating vanities. As minimalism trends endure throughout architect and interior design, we see the floating vanity continue to be favoured by those seeking simple, clean solutions to the bathroom centrepiece. It blends contemporary storage solutions with a host of customisation options in size, arrangement and accessories (like sinks, faucets and hardware) to match any style.

Like the backlit mirrors, a floating vanity will demand more consideration to install correctly, however it will pay off in the long run, uplifting you every morning and adding value to the home. Floating vanities take a heavy, restrictive box and make it feel light and airy, plus makes it easier to clean bathroom floors. Combing functionality and aesthetics is a hallmark of great design and a floating vanity is the star example.

Turn Your Dreaming Into A Reality With Flooring Bathroom Interiors

If reading this has left you inspired enough to put us in your “Interior Design Inspo” bookmarks folder then we are already super happy. To take the next step and turn it into a reality, we encourage you to visit our Brisbane studio in New Farm to hear expert advice and experience our affordable luxury guarantee in person. Contact us today to make a booking or drop by during opening hours.

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