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7 Kitchen Remodelling Ideas That Will Impress Your Guests

Kitchens are the busiest areas of our homes. Family members gather around this space to prepare and cook meals. Since it is the most functional area, it is prone to clutter and damaged appliances or chipped paints. When you have your own home, it is important to make the kitchen a reflection of your personality, a space where you can enjoy making your family’s food, and keep your food supplies in the organised manner that you want.

By having your kitchen remodelled, you will be able to spend more time in your new space, cook more meals for your family, or invite your friends to share a meal with you on the weekend. If you are still not convinced about getting your kitchen remodelled, consider how it would look to fresh eyes.

When remodelling, incorporate current trends to make your kitchen look modern. Repaint your cabinets and walls to have a fresh look. For bigger changes, you can have your fixtures changed, install new appliances, and declutter. Below are some of the ideas that will convince you to have your kitchen remodelled.

1. Adding A Kitchen Island

This idea is essential for kitchens with large areas. It can make a huge change in your kitchen, especially if you like modern features and are looking for a major renovation. When adding a kitchen island, you could remove the division between the living or dining room and the kitchen; by doing this, yourself and your guests will still have a chance to chat while preparing meals. This space also allows you to lay cooked foods before serving.

Kitchen islands are in demand for those in the market for kitchen remodelling. Some pieces can be bought as a whole or you can have them fixed on your kitchen as soon as you start the renovation.

2. Use A Nice Backsplash

Backsplash tiles can help make your kitchen look clean at all times. Splatter from oils and sauces cannot be avoided, but with a tile backsplash you will be able to wipe them out easily without damaging your kitchen walls. It also adds personality and accent to your kitchen whether a white-colored tile or a bright one.

Aside from tiles, other materials can be used as backsplashes such as wallpapers, paints, and shiplap. However, using a tile is the most convenient since they are easy to wipe and clean.

3. Install New Appliances

One of the biggest changes in kitchen remodelling is purchasing new appliances. Though this may increase your budget, replacing your outdated kitchen appliances with modern ones will make your remodelled kitchen look great.

New modern appliances have safety and hygiene features, as well as durability. They are also easy to clean by wiping and do not keep stains and residues.

4. Remodel Your Flooring

The latest trend in kitchen remodelling is having the floors look the same as other parts of the house. This makes the kitchen a real part of the home since it creates a unified look. We offer a wide range of flooring at Flooring Bathroom Interiors. With our choices, you will be able to pick one that matches your entire home flooring.

5. Get New Decorations

Once you have planned the interior, it’s time to get your new kitchen decorated. If you have a theme for your kitchen, you may want to add the appropriate home decor from Flooring Bathroom Interiors. You can add bar stools, artworks, vases, planters, or pots to create a certain vibe in your kitchen.


6. Make Specific Room For Everything

Every nook in the kitchen has its purpose. You may use the upper cabinets to store dining plates and bowls. Make everything easily reachable so you can get it anytime you need it. Pull-out shelves can be used for utensils, but make sure not to keep knives in the drawers since children may open these cabinets.

If you maintain a tidy and well planned kitchen layout, you will avoid clutter and mess – especially for busy households that are constantly on the move.

7. Install Top Mount Sinks That Match Your Kitchen’s Aesthetics

Now that your kitchen is under renovation, you may also put top mount sinks on your kitchen island depending on how you visualize your new kitchen. Usually, this is a single sink with a space on the side where you can place your fruits and vegetables to wash.

These are just some of the kitchen remodeling ideas. Aside from decorating, you can also get your whole kitchen renovated and make it look good as new.

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