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5 Housewarming Gift Ideas

Looking for the perfect housewarming gift can be a tedious task. Whether your close friends or family have just bought their first home or have moved into a new apartment, we have the best housewarming gift ideas to help transform their new living area into their dream home. Moving can be a stressful experience, so we’ve come up with 5 of the most practical and stylish housewarming gift ideas.

1) Hanging wall decor

Think they’ll love some indoor plants? Take it to the next level with hanging wall plants!

Who doesn’t like a little bit of greenery in their new home? Mix practicality and creativity with this great housewarming gift idea. The best part about this hanger is that the homeowners can mix and match however they wish! Whether they need a beautiful spot to hang their keys, hats or plants, this wall hanger is bound to jazz up their new home.

2) Soft Furnishings

The Scandinavian style is always a household must have!

With Christmas fast-approaching, the new homeowners are definitely going to want an array of soft furnishings for a comfortable Christmas Day with the family. These pillows express the heart of Scandinavian style through cool greys and blues mixed with touches of black and white. Pair these with pastel based throws, greenery and timbers for a cosy, minimalistic and Scandinavian-inspired living room. These plush pillows are available from Flooring Bathrooms Interiors (FBI) and are a great housewarming gift idea for the holidays!

3)  A Touch of Tribal

Tribal patterns offer a rustic and stylish design solution to a new home.

These patterned baskets offer a mix of tribal vibes and practicality, perfect for your next housewarming gift idea. These work best when placed in the new bathroom, laundry or living room. What’s perfect about these baskets is that they’re available in a variety of patterns and styles, offering something to suit all personalities and design preferences. The organisational possibilities are endless – store indoor plants in these baskets for a stylish touch, or store your knick-knacks for a tidy finish. Do you know someone who would love these baskets for an easy and stylish household organisation idea?

4) Natural Materials

Do you want to make a real statement with your next housewarming gift? This wooden bedside table is a home decor must have.

If you’re really wanting to make a statement then this natural wooden table will add the perfect amount of earthiness to the new home. This wooden table works beautifully as a bedside table, or better yet, bring this table into the bathroom as a standalone piece for a touch of practical, natural design. The light tone of this wood offers a rustic appeal, and the curved shape is eye-catching and unique. Pair with a matching, slightly larger stool for a lasting impression! Wooden housewarming gift ideas should definitely be on your shortlist for the new humble abode.

5) Earthy Pottery

If you’re looking for the home decor essentials then pottery from FBI’s boutique range will do wonders!

You can never go wrong when bringing earthy colour palettes into the home. Pottery will offer the new homeowners a relaxing and stylish design element to their home. We recommend pairing natural pottery with the vibrant hanging plants that are available from our store. Mixing the natural, earthy tones of the pottery with the bright green of our plants is sure to add personality and style to any new home.

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