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The Safest Flooring Options for Bathrooms

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Deciding on any part of a build or renovation is important, but as homeowners assess the suitability of bathroom flooring materials based on their aesthetic and water resistance, it can be easy to forget an important aspect – safety! Due to the nature of a bathroom, with a basin, shower or bath, water on the floor can pose a risk of slipping and falling over – think of stepping out the shower onto a slippery floor.  Thankfully, there’s a range of solutions and safest flooring options that will help you give you grip without sacrificing on style.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring

When it comes to durable and low maintenance flooring, Vinyl Sheet Flooring is a standout. Vinyl Flooring allows you to re-create the look of wood, tile and stone and comes as both planks or sheets, however, sheets are better for bathrooms because of it’s improved water seal, and the non-slip finish means it’s one of the safest flooring choices for the bathroom. Combined with it’s resilience to heavy knocks and ease of cleaning after a mishap, it’s one of the best performers in the bathroom.

Textured Tiles

Another great choice is textured floor tiles, which can bring a stylish, industrial look to your bathroom. Our range of textured tiles come in a range of materials with a dynamic palette of colours to choose from. Thanks to the lower grit level finish compared to a high polish, it will provide more stability and traction by design.

Non-Slip Finish Tiles

The most common finish for floor tiles is high polish, which provides a sleek design that looks beautiful in so many spaces. For tiles with a high polish finish such as our terrazzo floor tiles, the application of non-slip treatment means you can minimise the risk whilst maintaining the beautiful aesthetic. We also have high polish finish tiles made from porcelain, ceramic and stone.


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Whether you a building or renovating, transform your bathroom space without forfeiting safety. Our philosophy of affordable luxury paired with the safest flooring options available – means your getting the most style for the best price. Contact us today to see how our team of experts can help!