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Step up Your Aesthetics with a Round Concrete Basin

Concrete sinks are the new trend in home improvement projects and are being featured in modern kitchens, bathrooms and laundries all over the globe. And, it’s not hard to see why, with seven unique and modern matte colours to choose from, including white, black, pink, light orange, light blue and two shades of grey. This striking above counter round concrete basin is so versatile in the home, and makes a great investment for a comfortable and aesthetic bathroom. Like any home product, this sink comes with an array of benefits as well as a few shortcomings. Here’s everything you need to know about Flooring Bathroom Interior’s on-trend homeware, the concrete basin.

The Round Concrete Basin Makes a True Design Statement

For those looking to make a design statement in their home, it’s hard to look past the appeal of this industrial-chic concrete sink. The array of sophisticated colours take a masculine material and transform it into one that is feminine with the help of colour, curve and light. The concrete aesthetic works incredibly well with a variety of design styles including industrial, minimalist, traditional and contemporary.

While the everyday renovator may shy away from using bold patterns and prints, they can easily add a pop of colour to their kitchen, bathroom or laundry room with this versatile basin. Not to mention, the design choice is highly Instagrammable, especially when paired with metal fixtures.

It’s Perfect for the Environmentally Conscious


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In a world surrounded by mass manufactured products, it’s rare to come across an item which transforms a construction material into a domestic one. By taking concrete, a relatively inexpensive material, and transforming it into a unique homeware, there are a number of environmental benefits.

In comparison to producing ceramic basins, which are fired in kilns at high temperatures, concrete basins can easily be moulded into their round shape. As well as this, concrete is made from locally sourced materials such as cement, sand and gravel. So, with a less intensive sourcing and manufacturing process, the round concrete basin guarantees a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

Benefits of a Concrete Basin


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There’s a great deal of value that comes about when you choose to feature a sink made of concrete. Just some of the benefits include:

1. Affordable

Compared to the cost of natural stone basins such as marble or granite, concrete costs much less to produce and therefore is much more affordable to purchase.

2. Variety of Colours

There are seven elegant matte colours to choose from including light pink, light orange, light blue white, black, and two shades of grey.

3. Low Maintenance

While the concrete comes sealed, the seal will need to be reapplied after every ten years. Concrete also requires regular waxing to protect it and maintain its shine.

4. Incredibly Strong

Concrete isn’t worn out easily and can last up to sixty years when properly maintained. The durability of these sinks makes them perfect for busy rooms of the house.

5. Easy to Repair

If mishaps happen, and they do, this round concrete basin is easy to reseal, repair or patch. Changing things up is simple and requires little effort.

Complete Your Home with a Stunning Concrete Basin in the Colour of Your Choice

Concrete basins are now a staple in the home improvement industry. And as they increase in popularity, expect to see these items in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms across the country and of course, all over your Instagram feed.

Transform your home with an elegant round concrete basin from Flooring Bathroom Interiors! Feel free to contact us for design advice or visit our Brisbane showroom to view the complete bathroom range and make the most of our affordable luxury guarantee.

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