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The Pros And Cons Of Floating Vanity Units

Floating vanity units have become hugely popular when it comes to new bathroom builts as well as modern renovations. Sleek, minimalist and clean, a floating vanity unit can elevate an old bathroom into something completely new.

However, if you’re used to older style vanities, you may not be convinced when it comes to these magical floating vanities. Here are the pros and cons for this newer style, and why it may or may not work for you and your family.


The Pros Of A Floating Vanity Unit

They Look Modern And Stylish

Floating vanity units are popular for a reason. Most have a sleek and contemporary appearance that can enhance the overall aesthetic of a bathroom, creating an illusion of space at the same time. This makes your bathroom feel more open and spacious, and also gives you a chance to experiment with things such as under-vanity lighting, which can add even more visual interest to a room of the house that’s not usually given a lot of attention!

They Make For Easier Cleaning

This is potentially the best thing about a floating vanity unit. With no legs or support attached to the floor, it’s much easier to clean the entire floor area of your bathroom including underneath the vanity. If you love your bathroom to be sparkling clean (don’t we all?), then wall hung vanity units make it much easier to reduce dust, dirt and moisture buildup in the room.

They Create An Enhanced Floor Space

Since floating vanities are mounted on the wall, they free up floor space in the bathroom – which is great if you happen to have a smaller bathroom. When you want to maximise every inch of space, a wall mounted vanity can be a solution to your problems, providing extra floor space can make the bathroom feel less cluttered and more open.

They Have Adjustable Heights

Unlike traditional vanities, a floating vanity offers flexibility in terms of installation height. Since they aren’t connected to the floor, you can customise your vanity’s height to suit your specific needs and preferences, providing added comfort for family members of different heights or even those with mobility limitations.

The Cons Of A Floating Vanity Unit

You May Have Limited Storage

Depending on the style of floating vanity you choose, you may find that it offers less storage space when compared to traditional vanities with cabinets that extend to the floor. Since they lack a bottom cabinet, the storage options on wall mounted vanites are usually limited to drawers or shelves, reducing the capacity for storing larger items. However, this can be a good thing if you want your bathroom to remain as clutter-free and tidy as possible.

There Can Be Installation Challenges

Installing a floating vanity requires proper wall support and can be more complex than installing a floor-mounted vanity. While it is not the most difficult task in the world, you still need adequate wall reinforcement to ensure the vanity is securely attached to the wall, especially if it will bear significant weight.

You May Experience Height Limitations

While adjustable height is listed as a pro, it can also be a disadvantage. Depending on the design and installation, floating vanities may have height restrictions due to plumbing considerations. This can limit the flexibility of the vanity height adjustment and might not be suitable for some individuals’ needs. This should not be a problem in a brand new build, but if you are renovating an older bathroom, this may be a challenge.

You May Have Visible Plumbing and Maintenance

Since wall hung vanities are elevated, the plumbing pipes and connections are exposed beneath the sink. This may require additional effort to conceal or integrate the plumbing elements into the design in a pleasing way. Additionally, any maintenance or repairs to the plumbing may be more challenging to access and resolve.

If you choose to go with a floating vanity in your bathroom, consider our beautiful, curated range at FBI. We can help you select a vanity that best suits your home and style, and can even offer a design consultation service if you’re unsure of what piece is best suited to your existing bathroom.

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