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The Isonka Breadboard is a beautiful centrepiece and ideal as a tapas plate; for serving and displaying food.

The natural patterns of the wood have been beautifully preserved. The Isonka Breadboard is the perfect accessory for any interior.


DIA 32-38cm approx | D 5cm

Organic shape, hand-carved from a munggur tree trunk. Natural wood shapes and patterns will be visible. Every piece has a unique style.

Hand wash in lukewarm water without chemicals. Foods and oil will mark the wood.


Every Uniqwa piece has a story…

Our collections are mostly individually hand-made pieces. As most of our products are made from natural materials, texture, colour, and pattern may vary from piece to piece. Reclaimed timbers, naturally weathered materials and off-cuts otherwise discarded are frequently part of Uniqwa design features.

Natural splitting, cracking, and loss of natural oils may occur and form part of the
characteristics and beauty of Uniqwa products. These are not viewed as imperfections or faults but as part of timber s natural life and beauty.

We believe the result of using natural materials and hand-crafted elements is a testament to the unique qualities found in materials originating from nature.

As every monitor displays different colour tones, the colour of pictures on our website and social media cannot be taken as a true colour indication of the actual products, Some product tones may appear to vary from catalogue or website images.


Munggur wood is natural timber, as such, a natural ‘living’ material.

Munggur wood products will respond to temperature and humidity variations by expanding and contracting. Your items can experience movements and cracks as it adjusts – this is not a feu t but a natural occurrence within the fibres of a nature product.

The natural moisture content of solid munggur items is high. Although our products are kiln-
dried for an extensive period, the design of this particular product embraces thickness in timber which wi! hold moisture in the centre. During this item’s transport, moisture can creep to the surface and leave water blemishes. While we have a process of further enhancing our munggur wood pieces after receiving them at our warehouse, the moisture content of munggur wood
can change, and excess moisture may surface. It is to be expected water blemishes remain as part of the characteristics of solid munggur wood.

As with any nature-material, existing fluids and moisture can leech over time, which may cause stains on some surfaces. We do not recommend placing this natural timber piece directly onto carpets or rugs. Moisture will generally seep through the ends of the timber. If placing it onto carpets or rugs, markings may be avoided by using a protective liner such as thick plastic.

Many of our timber ranges are characterful woods with the appearance of naturally occurring knots, and a variety of colours. Grains and knots found in wood is simply a character of timber and not a defect.

No one piece of munggur timber is alike and customers’ should expect a variance in tone, veins, grain pattern, leaching, cracking and knots.

None of the above is viewed as a fault; we embrace these changes as the natural characteristics and beauty of timber furniture.

Uniqwa does not offer refunds, replacements or exchanges arising from the look of a timber as
described her. These are pacticular unique aspects that a customer when purchasing unique furniture.


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