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Beautiful Floor Design Ideas for a Modern Home

Designing the home of your dreams requires creative decisions to be made for every design aspect. This includes knowing the theme you’re going for and then choosing the right walls, fixtures and furniture to work seamlessly together to create a modern design. Commonly, flooring choices are underestimated in the role they play. The right floors can transform an entire space to create one that is charming, attractive and welcoming. If you’re searching for some design inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of floor design ideas for your modern home.

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There are so many modern floor ideas, each bringing its own unique visual appeal and character benefits. Contemporary favourites such as wood and tile are always in style. They can be carefully and creatively selected to modernise the homely feel of your home. Similarly, a luxurious cashmere or wool carpet will work to catch the eye and provide warmth and comfort underfoot.


Timber Floor Design Ideas

Timber features natural beauty and can warm up any space. It’s harder and more durable than most other flooring alternatives and can last a lifetime. Timber appears warm, cosy and inviting in the home and comes available in so many designs to suit many different interior design tastes.


Light Timber Flooring

floor design ideas timber1

Light timber flooring can be very beneficial for expanding the appearance of smaller spaces. Light, cool coloured timber works to lift the room to create an airy and open vibrance. This style of flooring pairs fantastically with greenery, such as hanging plants.

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Dark Timber Flooring

floor design ideas dark timber

Walnut and deep coloured timber flooring is a great way to add elegance, homeliness, and sophistication to a modern home. Whilst normally associated with older homes, dark timber adds richness and contrasts perfectly with light coloured accents, such as white walls and kitchens.

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Smoked Timber Flooring

floor design ideas smoked timber

Smoked timber floors use a technique which enhances and enriches the natural colouring of timber to create an aged, character-filled appearance. This creates feels of authenticity and modernity, especially when paired with single-toned furniture.


Carpet Floor Design Ideas

floor design ideas carpet

Carpet flooring is making a comeback. With the newest manufacturing technologies, carpet is now much softer and durable than it used to be. The feel of the carpet is what creates modernity. Natural fibred wool or cashmere carpet can add elegance and a high-end vibrance to your home. Light, neutral patterns on a carpet can also add depth and interest to a home.


Marble Tile Floor Design Ideas

floor design idea marble

Tiles can be manufactured to replicate the look of natural stone, marble, and sandstone surfaces to create a luxurious home appeal, without the maintenance drawbacks of real stone. These marble look tiles add cool elegance, versatility and functionality to any room of the home. Geometric style tiles are also a visually appealing trend that every modern homeowner should consider.


Concrete Floor Design

floor design ideas concrete

Concrete floors have a cool, polished finish that looks great against modern, light-toned features. Concrete can be beautiful, warm and elegant when chosen to match the overall theme of your modern home. It’s also possible to stain concrete floors a variety of colours to create a unique finish in your desired colour and texture.


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These days, homeowners are more commonly seeking floor design ideas that stray from the traditional. Whether it’s a textured tile, plush carpet, or timber floor that will suit your home, the uniqueness is in the colour, design and texture. For quality, style, and variety, shop Flooring Bathroom Interiors full range of flooring solutions in-store or online. If you would like some home renovation advice, read our blog or contact us online. We’re always happy to help.

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