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What’s Hot In Kitchen Designs In 2024?

What’s Hot In Kitchen Trends In 2024?

With the new year fast approaching, we always like looking ahead to future trends that can play a role in how we renovate and decorate our homes. And, as the kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s one of the most exciting rooms to look at when it comes to new design trends next year.

Here’s what we can expect when it comes to kitchen trends 2024.

Eclectic Materials

Material always matters when it comes to kitchens, and it’s predicted that stone slabs will be aiming to take on interesting patterns whilst materials such as stainless steel mixed with timber will be at the forefront of kitchen design. And of course, a kitchen space that speaks to functionality, family and conviviality will be a huge drawcard. Mixing and matching different materials is expected to be one of the biggest kitchen trends in the new year.

A Lived-In Feel

Cosiness is set for a comeback in 2024, and of course this includes the kitchen. And, rather than being purely utilitarian spaces, kitchens are predicted to follow a more “lived-in” feel. This means more art on the walls, more textures and more seating options, making the kitchen even more homely. It’s all about the communal aspects, such as breakfast bars and nooks that encourage gathering outside of a formal dining room.


An Injection Of Colour

It’s time to say goodbye to white cabinetry and embrace all colours of the rainbow (and beyond). Soft greys, greens and blues are definitely part of kitchen trends 2024, and whilst whites and classic creams will never go out of style, 2024 is all about being a little bit more daring. Coloured tiles also bring a bold touch to the kitchen, as will wall coverings, allowing you to add expression to your kitchen.

Multifunction Taps

Would you rather drink plain tap water, or have instant access to chilled, boiling or even sparkling water in your kitchen? New multifunction taps are making this possible, allowing you to access all three within the single spout. Previously, these have been more common in commercial and office settings, but our homes are set to get this luxe treatment in 2024

The Resurgence Of The Butler

Butler’s pantries are set to be all the rage in 2024, allowing you to store all of your mess – appliances, dirty dishes, and so on – in a tidy room adjacent to the kitchen. It’s also a great space to place additional large appliances, such as an oven, additional freezers or fridges, and even washing machines and dryers. If you’re into entertaining, this makes hosting more convenient while also allowing flexibility to elevate your main kitchen and make it more spacious.


My Island Home

Another emerging kitchen trend for the new year is large, dramatic kitchen islands. Bold patterns in the stonework will also go a long way, as will accompanying low-hanging pendants in interesting colourways. As we mentioned earlier when it comes to a lived-in feel, these kitchen islands should be both a prep and dining space, opening up your kitchen as a more communal area.

Storage, But Smarter

In 2024, we welcome custom storage to the kitchen. From specialty storage for appliances (a.k.a appliance garages, which hide your appliances from view but also give you easy access) to walk-in pantries, it’s all about customisable solutions. If it gives your kitchen a practical but also sleek look, it’s on the list for kitchen trends 2024.

Statement Range Hoods

One of the more interesting kitchen trends heading into 2024, range hoods are not only useful, but are also now art pieces. In new or renovated kitchens, consider a dramatic range hood to bring a point of focus to the kitchen, whilst also whisking away smoke and smells from your home.


Sustainable Kitchens

Sustainability has been at the forefront of how we live our lives, and now this idea is extending to the kitchen. Eco-friendly kitchen design trends include built-in recycling stations, long-lasting energy-efficient appliances, and donating old appliances, all of which work towards a greener kitchen.

Get Me A Bevvy

Are you a dedicated coffee-drinker? Enjoy each and every morning with a dedicated coffee and tea station – both of which are set to be popular in 2024. This also extends to beverages including wine and smoothies, giving you a nook to enjoy your favourite drink whenever you please.

These are just ten kitchen trends 2024 that we can see happening! Of course, if you’re looking to renovate your kitchen next year, it’s always a good idea to follow your personal style, whilst taking inspiration from our list. If you feel you need help when it comes to design, FBI offers a personalised design service that can help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

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