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Incorporating Brushed Brass Hardware In Your Kitchen

Sometimes it’s the simple changes that can really make a difference in your kitchen. If you’re looking for a kitchen refresh, you don’t necessarily need to rip out your cabinets and replace all of your appliances – sometimes all you need to do is update your hardware. And with so many brilliant new finishes around, it’s easier than ever to add some style to a tired-looking space.

This is why we love brushed brass hardware so much. Brushed brass is such a great hardware finish as it can take on both a vintage and a modern look, making it ideal for kitchens both older and newer.

Here are some fast and affordable ways you can incorporate brushed brass hardware into your kitchen.


Replace Your Cabinet Knobs And Pulls

Even if you’re completely new to DIY jobs around the house, replacing your cabinet knobs and drawer pulls in order to bring a touch of brushed brass hardware is one the simplest things you can do. You don’t even need any heavy duty tools – just a screwdriver is all you’ll need to make this quick swap and add a luxe touch to your kitchen.

Let There Be Light, With New Lighting Fixtures

A stunning brushed brass pendant light or chandelier could be just what your kitchen needs to take on a modern flair or make a bold statement. Whilst you should always work with a licensed electrician if your new lighting fixture requires rewiring, simpler changes such as a new lampshade can be done quickly and without any assistance.


Upgrade Your Faucets

A brand new mixer or faucet can go a long way to updating a tired-looking kitchen space. Combined with the cabinet pulls we mentioned earlier, you can achieve a cohesive look in your kitchen with a brushed brass mixer as well as brushed brass cabinet hardware.


Tie In Some Accents

You don’t need to undergo a full-blown renovation in order to bring a new look to your kitchen – sometimes the solution can be as simple as amping up the brushed brass accents. Think the backsplash on your kitchen bench, or appliances with a brushed brass finish.


Work With Your Existing Kitchen Colour Scheme

Don’t forget that, whilst brushed brass hardware can be a gorgeous addition to your kitchen, you need to keep in mind the theme of your kitchen and other colours and textures that are already present. Thankfully, brushed brass lends itself well to both older style kitchens as well as brand new ones, but if you have your heart set on using this metal finish and aren’t sure where to start, you can always get in touch with us and we’ll talk you through a style consultation.

At FBI, we have a huge range of brushed brass hardware, so you can find a way to bring this beautiful accent metal into your home. From mirrors to handle pulls to gooseneck taps and plenty in between, we can help you achieve the interior look you’ve always wanted for your home.

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