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How to Choose the Perfect Colour Palette For Your Kitchen Renovation

It’s been said plenty of times over, but the kitchen truly is the heart of the home. A place to cook, eat, meet and gather, kitchens tend to be the focal point of your house for a myriad of reasons – which is why their design can be so important if you’re chasing the perfect aesthetic for your home.

If you’re looking for the best paint colour for kitchen; how to choose tiling, tapware and more; then this blog is for you. Here is what we recommend when it comes to colouring and styling your renovated kitchen.

To Start: Consider Your Kitchen’s Size and Layout

The size and layout of your kitchen is the first thing you should consider when you’re looking to pick the best colour for kitchen. In smaller kitchens, lighter colour palettes can make the space feel more open and airy, so opting for colours with a white tint are a good choice. However, don’t feel that you need to go with bright white: light greens, yellows, blues and greys are also great choices.

In larger kitchens, you have more flexibility to experiment with bold or dark colours.Think black, charcoal, navy, terracotta, and teal. Darker creams and muddy greens are also growing in popularity, especially when paired with neutrals.


Then, Think About The Overall Style

When you’re looking to pick a new colour for your kitchen, also consider the colour palette and overall style of your home. For example, a modern kitchen might benefit from a sleek, monochromatic scheme, while a farmhouse-style kitchen could incorporate warm, earthy tones. You can also play with colour by incorporating tapware with complementing finishes, such as brushed brass or matte black, to really make your new colour palette sing.

Play With And Balance Warm And Cool Colours

A well-balanced combination of warm (yellows, oranges, reds) and cool (blues, greens, greys) colours can create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere, especially if you’re good at mixing and matching. This can bring some much-needed visual interest to an otherwise bland kitchen.


Consider Natural Light

The best paint colour for kitchen can also come down to an abundance – or lack of – natural light. The amount of natural light your kitchen receives can influence your colour choices. Dark colours may work well in kitchens with ample natural light, while lighter colours can brighten up spaces with limited light.

Keep in mind that paint colours can look quite different in natural light versus artificial light sources, so it can be helpful to swatch a small amount of your colour on the wall and see how it looks in different lighting.

Choose A Dominant Color And Accent Colours

If you’re still finding it difficult to narrow down your desired colour, it can help to select one dominant colour for your cabinets, walls, or countertops, and then use accent colours in other aspects of your kitchen such as kitchen sinks, mixers and more. This helps to complement rather than overwhelm the space.

Use Neutral Colours As A Base

Neutral colours like white, grey, or beige make excellent base colours because they are timeless and versatile. You can then add pops of colour with accessories or small accents that can be easily changed over time to suit the mood of both you and your kitchen.

Your Personal Taste Matters!

Your personal taste is perhaps the biggest factor when it comes to the best colour for the kitchen. Choosing colours that resonate with you helps to create a kitchen that makes you feel comfortable and happy. Similarly, keep an eye on current design trends, but don’t feel pressured to follow them if they don’t match your personal style!

Consult a Professional

If you’re unsure about colour choices or are looking for some guidance, our expert design service is perfect for you. For $99, we can put aside 60 minutes of uninterrupted time to sort out your renovation needs (better yet, the $99 is redeemable on any purchases made on the day).

Let’s make your home beautiful.

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