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Get your home looking great, with the largest selection of home decor Newstead has to offer. There are many ways you can add dimensions and interest to a room. Small decorations or pops of colour can be transformative to any interior space. Our home decor store has everything you need to effectively create a comfortable and cozy space for your family. 

Home Decor

Browse our selection of home decor to bring life into your space. Accessorise your home’s interior with our versatile and affordable range of home decor. Our Newstead store includes furniture, light shades, wall hangers, plants, baskets, cushions and more. Add interest to your space using some of the best decorative pieces in Brisbane.

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home decor newstead lighting


Shop our range of lighting fixtures to brighten up your living room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom. The correct selection of home lighting has the ability to induce atmosphere, warmth and comfort into your home. Choose the colour of lighting based on your surrounding home decor and the feel you want to exude.


Our selection of mirrors are versatile and can create ambience in any size or style of home. Not only do mirrors look fantastic as decorative pieces, but they can also give the effect of a larger space. Add a decorative mirror to your home and experience an increase in light, space and sophistication.

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home decor newstead plants

Artificial Plants 

Introducing greenery into your home is a great way to liven up a room by bringing the outdoors in. Browse our range of artificial plants and experience the difference they make to your home decor. Artificial plants have the same appearance as real plants, without the added maintenance. Whether you prefer free-standing, hanging plants or decorative pots, our home decor Newstead boutique has it all.

Wall Decor

Adding wall decor to a plain wall works wonders on creating a tapered design feel to your home. Showcase your individuality and style with the addition of wall decorations. Our naturistic wall decor selection features natural colours and materials to increase comfort in the home. Focus on adding style and texture to the walls of your home.

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Visit Flooring Bathroom Interiors For the Finest Range of Home Decor Newstead Has to Offer

As well as our range of home decor, Flooring Bathroom Interiors also stocks a range of bathroom items such as cabinetry, basins, sinks, taps, and accessories. Alternatively, shop our range of feature tiles and flooring styles such as timber, vinyl, tile, carpet, laminate or hybrid flooring. If you’re searching for inspiration, contact us or visit our home decor Newstead boutique and we can provide advice on how to expertly decorate your home.