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Best Home Renovation Shows On The Air

Even if you have no plans to renovate your home, sitting down on a quiet evening and watching the latest offerings of home renovation shows on a weeknight or weekend can be a fun way to pass the time and even fire up some inspiration for future projects. Sometimes you want to laugh along with the contestants or hosts – at other times, you want to cry as you watch their hard work fall down around them.

Home renovation shows are a mainstay both on free to air television as well as subscription services. Let’s take a look at some of the best out there, including both free and paid access, and find a way to fire up your love of making something old, new. While not all of these shows may be brand new, they still have plenty to offer.

(Just a quick note: availability of these shows may change in the future but are accurate at the time of this article being published).


The Block


Image courtesy Channel 9

The Block is probably the home renovation show to hit the air every year in Australia and is one of the best home renovation shows around. Hosted by Scott Cam along with Shelly Craft and featuring guest judges Shaynna Blaze, Neale Whitaker and Darren Palmer, The Block has been a hit series ever since it aired on June 1st 2003. Now headed for its 19th season in 2023, The Block has launched the careers of many a regular Aussie and never fails to entertain with its mix of innovative ideas, beautiful interiors, dramatic home improvements and of course, all the gossip that goes on on set.

If you’ve somehow managed to avoid the hype around this show, the basic rundown of The Block involves couples competing against one another to renovate and revitalise old apartments or houses within a set time and budget. At the end of the season, these homes go to auction, and any profits made at auction can be kept. Of course, the couple that makes the most at auction are crowned the winners and take home the prize money.

You can stream The Block on 9Now.


Grand Designs Australia

Image courtesy Foxtel Now

Originating in the United Kingdom, Grand Designs has since become very popular in Australia and shines a light on the trials and errors of custom design building. The show follows ambitious individuals or families as they undertake all of the challenges involved in building projects, such as constructing their dream homes or transforming unusual spaces into livable ones.

Grand Designs tends to follow one project from beginning to completion, including the design and planning stages, the construction work, and the final result. Whether it’s a full-blown renovation of a rural farmstead or a rework of a modern highrise apartment, all of the properties featured in Grand Designs push the boundaries of modern architecture and design. Every episode gives you an inside look at the design process, explores personal stories, and shows the different building techniques used to pull off amazing and unique designs.

You can stream all ten seasons of Grand Designs on Foxtel Now.


Queer Eye

Image courtesy Netflix

Now “more than just a makeover”, Queer Eye has shifted quite a bit from its early 2000s offerings and is now out to help people of every walk of life. While not strictly a home renovation show, Queer Eye still does a fantastic job at renovating both people’s wardrobes and their interior spaces, taking some very drab homes to the next level with fresh ideas that don’t cost the world – usually all it takes is a fresh coat of paint and some clever styling, and a home is ready to go. And these homes go a long way towards helping others.

It’s a very emotionally driven show that has gone on to win nine Emmys, and is a fun watch that will likely inspire even casual viewers. You can stream Queer Eye on Netflix.


Fixer Upper

Image courtesy Magnolia

Although it finished airing in 2018, Fixer Upper is still one of the most popular home renovation shows in recent years and offers a lot in the way of interior design and renovation content. Originally aired on HGTV from 2013 to 2018, Fixer Upper is hosted and run by Chip and Joanna Gaines, a lively couple who are experts in home renovation and interior design. Each episode, Chip and Joanna help a client to find a run-down house that they can transform into their dream home. Chip’s expertise in construction and Joanna’s eye for design make for some great teamwork as they renovate and restyle the house, providing a unique and personalised touch that leaves their clients blown away at the end of every episode. Chip and Joanna’s kids also tend to get in on the action, making for a pretty heartwarming and fun renovation show.

You can watch Fixer Upper on 9Now.


Good Bones

Image courtesy HGTV

Headed by mother-daughter duo Karen E. Lain and Mina Starsiak, Good Bones is one of the best home renovation shows to come out of the USA and follows the pair in their task to revitalise dilapidated homes in Indianapolis, Indiana. Rundown properties become stunning, modern spades that are both functional and aesthetically beautiful, and Karen and Mina truly do put the work in rather than relying on others to get the job done.

Throughout its seven seasons (and counting!), Karen and Mina work to tackle a variety of challenges, from structural issues to design dilemmas, all while staying within their clients’ budgets. Along the way, they also offer helpful tips and tricks for viewers who may be interested in renovating their own homes. Overall, Good Bones is an inspiring and entertaining show that showcases the transformative power of renovation.

You can stream seasons 6 and 7 of Good Bones on 9Now.


Country House Hunters

Image courtesy 9Now

While not strictly in the same genre as the other shows we’ve mentioned, Country House Hunters is still an enjoyable watch if you love home renovation shows. A spin-off of the original House Hunters that first aired in 1999, Country House Hunters follows Australian home buyers – including families, couples and individuals – as they search for their dream home in rural or semi-rural areas around the country. Each episode typically features three different properties that the home buyers visit and take the time to consider before they pick a home that best suits them. It’s a good way to get an insight on the Australian property market as well as see some unique homes that may inspire you.

Catch up on Country House Hunters on 9Now.


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