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A bathroom vanity is the centrepiece of a bathroom, drawing practical and aesthetic attention. It typically consists of a sink and drawer with modern interpretations introducing features such as glass panel LED lighting and dividers. Paired with stylish accessories such as mirrors, taps, towel rack and decor, there’s quite a bit of innovation happening in the this space. We’ve previously discussed 4 Beautiful Bathroom Design Inspiration Ideas For 2020 and recommend you have a read if you’re feeling lost for inspiration.

The purpose of a bathroom vanity is simple – a place for personal care, morning and evening routines and hygiene. What it means to you could be much more – a sanctuary, place where you can reset and indulge in self-love. Either way, it’s a place you’ll be spending a great deal of time and an important decision to make during a build or renovation.

To help you along the way, we’ve curated a selection of the most beautiful bathroom vanities Brisbane has to offer via Flooring Bathrooms Interiors New Farm studio.

What Defines A Bathroom Vanity?

Seizing the day, your way. A bathroom vanity isn’t simply a means of hygiene and personal care. Whether it’s sorting out bed hair before work or following your meticulous skincare routine, a bathroom vanity is a place in your home that should calm your mind and put your body into a positive groove.

But what’s important to help a bathroom vanity do this well? Well, unurprisingly, it starts with great design. The cabinetry that makes up the vanity should thoughtfully place the sink at a suitable height to make it functional, ample storage to organise products and conceal all the associated plumbing. The benchtop must be solid and waterproof, so it is resistant to the wet environment. Suitable materials include stone, cement, marble, ceramic and more.

How To Choose A Bathroom Vanity?

Bathroom vanities come in so many shapes and sizes it can almost be overwhelming! The first thing you should do is consider the space that you are putting it into – area dimensions, the number of people using it, is it an ensuite or general use? Once you decide on its purpose, it will guide you towards an option that is tailored to the space.

Image on right (Charleston (Wall Hung)

1. Size

Size is an important factor in making a bathroom usable and comfortable. For smaller bathrooms, like beside the laundry or kitchen, a vanity that is narrow with just enough width for the basin and a little storage might be the way to go. This saved space will give you extra freedom to move around without feeling like you’re claustrophobic. For larger bathrooms, next to a bedroom or a generous ensuite, you could expand it to run the length of the wall. Many of FBI’s bathroom vanities come in a variety of sizes, with drawer configurations to suit your needs. Overall, take into consideration the layout of the bathroom so you’re not obstructed and have room to breathe.

2. Shape & Style

While most bathroom vanities are rectangular with sharp edges, that doesn’t mean they have to be. A round and curvy design is friendly, fun and maybe more suitable for families with young children.

Style is an essential too. Create a harmonious space by considering what overall theme you are going for. It may be traditional, modern, art deco, country, minimalist, industrial or any other style you can think of. An ornate, french style bathroom vanity for example would feel out of place in an otherwise minimalist setting.

3. Orientation

This is where your imagination skills will come in handy. Whether you are building for the first time or undertaking a renovation, you’ll need to imagine yourself in the space (we’re sure that you already have!) and consider which configuration will be most logical for usa. What do we mean by this? Well, some single vanities have the option to position the basin on the left, right or centred. If things are going to get busy in the morning, you can avoid a traffic jam by opting for a double basin. These are a great option for master bedroom ensuites because they offer an opulent, luxe feel.

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