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Designer Pendant Lighting

Transform your home’s ambiance with the captivating allure of designer pendant lighting, from Flooring Bathrooms Interiors. We’ve curated a collection that allows you to play with shapes, texture and material depending on your home’s aesthetics,

Designer pendant lighting from Flooring Bathrooms Interiors transforms illumination into a true art form. You’ll experience a dance of light and shadow cast by Uniqwa’s woven pendants, or the dramatic elegance of a sculptural metallic design – whichever piece you choose, they are designed to be more than just functional fixtures: they become conversation starters and captivating focal points in your home.

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Design Expertise At Your Fingertips

We understand that navigating the world of designer lighting and interior design can be a bit daunting – and that’s where our team of expert designers comes in. They’re passionate about helping you find the perfect pendant to complement your existing décor, enhance your home’s functionality, and express your unique style. Book a consultation with our team today.

At Flooring Bathrooms Interiors, we don’t just sell designer pendant lighting – we also work to help you in creating truly captivating spaces for your home. Explore our curated collection online or visit our showroom to experience our range in-person.

Uniqwa Constantia Pendant Light Copy $ 1142.5
Uniqwa Constantia Pendant Light Copy $ 1142.5
Uniqwa Lalela Pendant $ 405.4
Inartisan Luna Rattan light shade $ 129
Inartisan Adria Rattan light shade $ 149
Inartisan Kiara layered rattan light shade $ 299
Inartisan Alitia jute layerd light shade $ 249
Inartisan Anar droplet light shade – natural $ 149
Inartisan Abdel diamond light shade $ 189