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Brushed Copper Taps

Bring a warm, luxe touch to your bathroom and kitchen with the addition of brushed copper taps. These taps’ near-reddish hue makes for a rich, edgy statement, drawing the eye and pairing wonderfully with a range of tile colours as well. Perfectly suiting rustic and modern environments alike, brushed copper taps are ideal for both kitchens and bathrooms, bringing visual interest to your space.


Our brushed copper taps are crafted from a number of materials, including solid brass and stainless steel and finished in copper-look PVD (physical vapour deposition).

What Is Brushed Copper?

Whilst copper does not rust due to the lack of iron content, it will take on a green finish called patina over time. Even so, pure copper taps are not a practical choice for inside your home – which is where brushed copper comes into play.

Brushed copper taps are not made from copper. Rather, our range of brushed copper taps are made from solid brass, which has exceptional resistance to dezincification and corrosion. An industrial grade electro colouring system known as PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) is then implemented to add a layer of copper to the tap.

Other Brushed Copper Taps & Accessories

ADP Soul Shower Dropper 100mm – Brushed Copper $ 45.86
ADP Shower Screen Knob – Brushed Copper $ 83.3
ADP Shower Screen Bracket – Brushed Copper $ 64.58
ADP Shower Screen Hinge – Wall to Glass – Brushed Copper $ 139.46
ADP Shower Screen Hinge – Glass to Glass – Brushed Copper $ 186.26
ADP Squeegee – Brushed Copper $ 83.3
ADP Soul Shower Shelf – Brushed Copper $ 204.98
ADP Eternal Shower Shelf – Brushed Copper $ 270.5
ADP Soul Toilet Roll Holder – Brushed Copper $ 120.74

Buy Brushed Copper Tapware Online

Add a distinctive vintage touch to your bathroom with our range of brushed copper taps and accessories, available in-store at our boutique or online 24/7. We offer a wide range of brushed copper tapware for the kitchen, laundry and bathroom, including mixers, which look great alongside other brushed copper hardware such as hand showers and brushed copper basins.

Browse Our Full Range of Brushed Copper Accessories

Our love for brushed copper doesn’t stop at shower and kitchen mixers. From drawer handles to kitchen sinks to dish racks, brushed copper looks stunning no matter where in the home it may be. Our range of brushed copper accessories helps to bring a sense of unison to the home, and include only the highest quality fixtures to ensure ongoing beauty in your home. From kitchens and bathrooms to flooring, lighting and interiors, FBI has everything you need to transform your surroundings.